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ultrashortpulse lasers
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14 partners, 7 associates, 2 research insitutions - 1 innovative project

UKPiño is an SME-driven alliance of the Central-East Thuringia region consisting of 14 companies and two research institutions. In addition, seven associated partners support the alliance by acting as multipliers in an advisory capacity and partly serving as pilot customers.

With the help of innovative laser technology based on ultrashort laser pulses, the alliance meets social challenges in the areas of sustainability, energy & climate, health, economy & work as well as mobility. A thorough innovation base, formed from the existing wide-ranging expertise of the partners, serves as the foundation.

It is also the origin of the alliance’s title and acronym UKPiño: UltraShortPulse Innovation Platform for tailored applications. UKPiño wants to become the leading supplier of ultrashort-pulse laser solutions in the spectral range of 1 μm and 2 μm.

UKPiño is funded by

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

our competence fields

The interdisciplinary composition of the partners combines expertise, experience and technologies that are crucial for developing, evaluating and deploying the planned systems.

Promising Start for Innovative Project: Reshaping the Optics Industry’s Future

On June 1, 2023, the POG Präzisionsoptik Gera GmbH hosted a promising kickoff meeting for the groundbreaking UKPino funding project. Representatives from various companies converged to mark the beginning of a unique alliance poised to reshape the future of the optics industry. The event commenced with a warm welcome from POG, followed by an insightful project presentation. This presentation not only elucidated the alliance’s goals and motivations but also introduced the diverse partner companies. A particular emphasis was placed on the distinctive attributes of the project, as well as the introduction of the alliance’s organizational structure, where each partner holds

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ultrashortpulse lasers are our future

our project partners

The alliance unites nationally and internationally active companies (some of them market leaders) with research institutions that conduct basic and application-oriented research. Specifically, these are:

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